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     Hello, thank you so much for visiting my website!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.  


     My name is Stacie.  Ever since I can remember I felt the need to be a healer like it has been my calling.  I just didn’t know how to get there though.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I convinced myself I was bad at science.  When I watched movies with healers and/or witches making ‘healing potions’, I thought “ I want to do that too!”, I thought it was all make-believe though or there was no place for it, in today’s world.  Boy was I wrong!  

     A few years ago I developed severe anxiety and my migraines were out of control.  One causing the other in a vicious cycle.  I turned to Western Medicine, which made it so much worse.  I knew that I couldn’t live the way I was living.  So I turned to a holistic lifestyle, mostly through nutrition at first.  I thought it was only going to help with my migraines and then I would handle my anxiety later.  I was taught that anxiety was all in my head, so how could changing my diet help with my anxiety, right.  Well, it did!  Eating a

holistic diet helped both my migraines and anxiety.  I learned that eating nourishing foods can strengthen the nervous system and brain.  If our hormones are out of whack this can also cause anxiety.  If we are deficient in nutrients this can also cause anxiety.  Then I learned that even though nutrition plays such an important role in mental health, so does stress management and having a healthy mindset. 


     I was amazed by all of this and wanted to start helping and sharing with other people.  However, I felt like I needed some schooling to back me up.  I wanted to be a holistic nutritionist.  After a lot of research, I found a school that fit all my needs...and then some.  When picking my classes my counselor gave me two choices of taking either aromatherapy or herbal medicine.  I already knew enough about aromatherapy, but I knew nothing about herbal medicine.  I wanted to learn something new.  I actually wanted to learn herbal medicine for a long time, but I didn’t know where to start.  The thought of it was all very overwhelming to me.  

     Once I started learning about medicinal plants and all that they can do, I fell in love with herbal medicine.  I have been using herbal medicine daily ever since.  I discovered I am good at science and there is a place for ‘healing potions’ in today's world….actually, I feel like there is a need for them. 

     I love holistic nutrition and I know that it is important.  However, I love herbal medicine a little more.  So I decided that my main focus is going to be on herbal medicine.  

     I believe that western medicine is important, however, I do feel as a society (at least in America), we are so overmedicated.  I lean heavily on herbal medicine to help prevent diseases and keep myself off of medication for as long as possible.  Do I think herbal medicine is a guarantee?   Absolutely not!  Do I think I will be able to stay off medication forever?  Probably not...but I am sure going to try my hardest.  For me, western medicine is the last resort.   A lot of diseases out there are caused by inflammation, deficiencies, and stress.   I use herbal medicine to help with all of these.

     I love being outside in nature, especially the forest.  I have been making plant allies and I am having a blast doing so.  I have been busy learning about all the plants in my area and their benefits, making tinctures, teas, and nourishing infusions.  I will soon be getting into salves and balms.  

     I am also eager to share all of this with you, show you how easy herbal medicine is, and guide you to be your own healer.  

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