What if I told you, you could overcome anxiety?

That you can use fear as motivation?

That you can successfully and confidently share your gift that you are being called to share? 





Anxious to Success ~ Beta


What is included:

  • Free 30 minute Zoom meeting to see if we are a right fit.  

  • 12-week Program.

  • One hour weekly  1:1 online coaching zoom meetings.

  • In-depth information on nutrition, herbal medicine, mindset, overcoming fear and using fear as motivation,  movement, time management and which ‘diet’ work best for your body.

  • Access to the client resource page for life 

  • An anxiety/business workbook 

  • Voice support on Voxer. 

  • Weekly reachable goals/homework. 


As a beta tester, you will be required to fill out weekly feedback, this way I can improve my program.  You will be required to give a testimonial at the end of the program (Bonus, if you also give a video testimonial I will send a gift with holistic health treats).    


Investment:  $1,200 Beta Investment:  $300

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