Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! New year and new decade ...but not a new me! I am the same person.

I am making some new changes to my business and I am so excited and geeking out over here.

Excuse me while I get a little woo woo here.

I believe that we are here on a journey. Sometimes our journey we walk in a straight line, sometimes we go uphill and sometimes we go in a loop, then downhill, left and then right. Sometimes we even go backwards. Every step is supposed to be a learning experience!

I do believe that we have free will. This path that we are roaming is big and wide and we walk, skip, run, dance, wander and explore whenever we want to. However, I also believe that we have purposes here on earth. When we get WAY off course god/universe/source or whoever you believe in gives us gentle nudges saying something like “Hey you, you are supposed to go this way.” or “Okay, we have been here long enough, you learned all that you were supposed to, now time to move on.”

Sometimes we understand these nudges quickly and other times it takes us awhile to figure what the heck they are supposed to mean.

I learned to trust these nudges. Each nudge has sent me in amazing direction, where I have met amazing people and have learned amazing things! Even when things seemed like they weren’t working out at first.

Two years ago, I was nudged to help women heal from anxiety naturally. What an amazing ride this has been. I started a Podcast, met so amazing amazing people all over the world (mainly through Zoom), learned so many things, like how to keep the brain healthy, how hormones are such an important part in mental health and how to overcome fears. I was able to share my messages when it comes to mental health. In a gist they are:

  • There are so many misconceptions when it comes to mental health.

  • If you have anxiety/depression you are definitely not alone even though it probably feels like it. .

  • Anxiety is very real and not all in your head.

  • Anxiety isn’t prejudice, it can happen to anyone.

  • You have options

  • Nutrition, mindset and movement all matter when it comes to mental health.

I have been struggling the past few months though. I have been feeling unaligned. I have been feeling nudges. This time it took me awhile to figure these nudges out. What are they trying to tell me!

A few weeks ago I had just purchased two herbal medicine books. These were about my 9th and 10th herbal medicine book I had purchased this year. Herbal medicine books bring me so much joy. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been buying books, watching YouTube videos and learning all that I could about herbal medicine. Even though I am passionate about mental health, I haven’t been eager to learn more and read up more on mental health. The universe has been telling me that I have learned everything that I needed to about mental health and I met all the people I needed to in that field. Now it was time to move on to something that I love, but have been reluctant to do, until now! That is herbal medicine!!

Why Herbal Medicine

When I went back to school a few years ago for holistic health I was on the phone with the admissions lady and we getting my classes all ready. She asked me “Okay do you want to take Aromatherapy or Herbal Medicine?”.

I somehow didn’t know I had these options. OMG, I have to choose now and this is a tough decision! How am I going to choose? I already knew a bit about aromatherapy because I have been a DoTerra representative. I knew absolutely nothing about herbal medicine. My Aunt who I highly look up to has been into herbal medicine ever since I can remember and I have always been fascinated with it the idea of it. I am always up for learning something new, so I choose Herbal Medicine.

I am not going to lie, the first couple of weeks I wanted to cry! ‘What did I get myself into?” I was so overwhelmed. By the 3rd week, I started falling in love with herbal medicine. What’s not to love about herbs. You can grow your own herbs, add them to your food, get a ton of nutrients, make your own remedies and medicine. If I could, I would marry Herbal Medicine ...shh...don’t tell Mitch!

Quick little disclaimer. Do I think that western medicine/allopathic medicine is bad? No, not necessarily. I do believe that as a society we are completely overmedicated and who knows what they are putting in our medicine. I know what is in my herbal medicine. My goal is to stay away from allopathic medicine as much and as long as possible. However I do know that there will be times where I will need to use allopathic medicine and I will be grateful for them when I do.

Herbal medicine helps keep me healthy. In the last few years I have barely gotten sick and when I have gotten sick they have been mild and short lived.

Also I live in Southern California, surrounded by granola and crunchy people….I say this with love, because I consider myself to be granola and crunchy as well ...and there isn’t many places that sell herbs locally. I have found a couple, but I had to do some major searching and exploring.

Some health food stores carry herbal tinctures and powders, which I use so I am not knocking it, but I don’t know all the ingredients in them. Some health food stores carry some herbs, but they are lacking. What if I want to make ashwagandha tincture or valerian tea? I have to order my ingredients.

Which isn’t all bad, because this is what our society is becoming, but my point is, if more people knew all the amazing things that herbal medicine can do, there would be more herbal shops...more apothecaries and health food stores would be carrying a wider variety of herbs like they do produce.

There isn’t enough people sharing all the amazing things that herbal medicine can do!

Why have I been reluctant to do this before?

Two reasons. One, I needed to learn more. I still have a lot to learn, but I am at a place where I feel like I can start sharing all the awesomeness that herbs can do.

Two, I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to go about it. Every herbalist I see out there that has an herbal business sells herbal medicine. I tried this a couple months ago and I discovered that shipping is expensive. There is no way I can compare my prices to Amazon. However, again what is in the ingredients in the herbal medicine you are getting off Amazon?

Where exactly are we going from here?

Eeek, I am so beyond excited as I type this. I am giddy! For starters I am starting a brand new blog. In this blog I will be sharing info and recipes with herbs. I keep saying herbal medicine, but it’s going to be more like plant medicine. Anything that can be grown from the earth. Oranges and their peels have medicinal properties in them. You have heard the saying, Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food, by Hippocrates. So I will be adding some Holistic Nutrition tips and tricks as well.

I will be sharing recipes on teas, infusions, tinctures, oxymels, oils, syrups, fire ciders, capsules, how to add them with your food, how to use them cosmetically and ...the options are endless.

I also plan on doing both local and online workshops and I also plan on having some herbs on hand for my local peeps.

For everyone here for anxiety/mental health, don’t worry, a lot of what I will be sharing will be beneficial for mental health!

Did I mention that I am excited!

What are your thoughts about this?

What are your big plans for 2020?

Happy New Year xoxo,



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