Six Benefits For Herbal Medicine

The average person is probably wondering what is so special about herbal medicine. It is much easier going to the pharmacy down the road and get what I need. I hear ya! For some people that is perfectly fine.

There may be people like me who want another option and that is where I come in. In this blog post, I will be sharing 6 benefits of herbal medicine.

First I want to add that herbal medicine does not replace any life-saving medication. It will not fix a broken leg or a heart attack. However, herbal medicine can assist with both a broken leg and a heart attack after you get the medical attention that you need. Herbal medicine is not there to replace any medication your doctor has you on. With the help of your doctor and a trained herbalist, it may be possible for you to ween off your medicine.

Okay, now that we have that all out of the way, let’s talk about the benefits of herbal medicine.

1. This is the medicine that earth has provided for us. If you are religious or spiritual, this is the medicine that God and/or the universe provided for us. It is grown from the dirt and is natural and pure.

2. Herbs nourish the whole body instead of covering up or masking the symptom. Herbs help to remove the symptom. When I was in school one of my teachers gave us this huge project. This huge project was we had to pick an illness that we had, and research what deficiencies could cause this illness. At first, I was going to choose migraines, but then I decided to research anxiety because I figured anxiety would be more of a challenge than migraines. I thought it was going to be extremely difficult. Oh, and by the way, we couldn't pick just any website. We had to pick websites to research that the school approved of and that has scientific backing behind it and studies. I was blown away by my findings! There were all sorts of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could cause anxiety, and it wasn't a challenge to find this out. It was actually quite easy to find this information even with the restrictions. What made things even more mind-blowing was that the whole class shared their findings as well and everyone picked a different illness. There were chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, obesity, depression and everything that you could imagine and everyone was easily able to find that there were all sorts of vitamins and minerals deficiencies that could cause these illnesses.

My point for this is that the medications you are taking are not going to provide you with vitamins and minerals. Over the counter medications will not provide you with the nutrients that you need. However, herbs do! Most herbs are packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals and each herb has its own benefits.

3. There are very minimal side effects. A lot less than your over the counter medication. Most herbs are extremely safe and gentle. Some herbs shouldn't be used while pregnant, nursing, on certain medication or if you have a certain illness. There is a very small chance that you could be allergic to certain herbs, but it's like the same for people who are allergic to strawberries or grapes, actually, I think it's rarer than that.

4. You can grow and make your own “over the counter” medication. How cool is that!? You can create things like herbal teas and tinctures to help you and your family stay healthy. It is so much easier than it looks and sounds, and I also find it to be so much fun. (If there is no way you can grow your own herbs, that is okay, there are a few places you can purchase dried herbs. I do this very often!)

5. Herbal medicine is great for helping prevent illnesses from happening. It is not a guarantee but it definitely helps.

6. Most herbs taste so much better than allopathic medicines.

So there you have it, 6 benefits for herbal medicine.

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