If you have been interested in Herbal Medicine, wanting to make healthier choices, and want to heal naturally but don't know where to start, please come join us!  


     I started a Patreon, that has different options.  You can find an option that works best for you.  

     With Patreon, I am sharing how easy herbal medicine is.  There is a lot to it, but you don't need to learn everything overnight. I am going to simplify everything.  I am sharing how to identify plants and wildcraft/forage/harvest.  How to use herbs medicinally and how to nourish your body.  I will be sharing recipes of all sorts and tips for healing naturally.  I will also be sharing some astroherbalism information (how plants and astrogology are connected)  

Please go check out our Patreon account for more details!  

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A new program coming soon!