Anxiety coaching program

     Does this sound like you?  You are so overwhelmed. Your heart starts racing, you start shaking, you get lightheaded, you have trouble breathing, you have digestive issues and you have irrational thoughts.  You feel like you are losing your mind. You struggle doing everyday normal stuff, like driving, going to the grocery store, going to social events and maybe even leaving your home. You feel like you are the only one that doesn’t have it all figured out.  

     Sometimes these feelings can happen for a reason and sometimes that reason can be so small, that it doesn’t make sense.  Or sometimes it appears to happen for absolutely no reason at all.  

     If you answered yes to any of this, I totally understand.  This use to be me.  A few years ago I felt all this! Plus my anxiety and migraines were out of control.  Unfortunately….or fortunately…..whichever way you look at it, Western Medicine failed me.  I turned to Holistic Healing. I have been making baby-steps on healing myself holistically.  

     Today I have my migraines and anxiety completely under control.  Most days I am not feeling overwhelmed, but to be honest, because I am human there are days here and there that I do feel overwhelmed but it's rare.  

      I now help other people overcome their anxiety and feel their best, mentally, emotionally and physically.   It is my absolute passion to help other people feel as amazing as I do and to be their own healers.  I LOVE what I do!!!  

My Coaching Program Includes


  • 12-week Program. 

  • One hour weekly  1:1 online coaching zoom meetings.  After the first meeting, you can choose if you want it to be on Zoom or on the phone.

  • In-depth information on nutrition, herbal medicine, mindset, movement, time management and which ‘diet’ work best for your body.  

  • Tools to become your own healer.

  • Access to the client resource page. 

  • Six days a week of voice support on Voxer. 

  • Weekly reachable goals/homework. 


Why am I offering this Program?

     I know what it is like to feel so overwhelmed, with EVERYTHING!  Not having enough time….actually that is what I kept telling myself….it was more I didn’t have enough energy.  Because I did have enough time to binge-watch TV shows on Netflix and scroll endless hours away on social media, but I didn’t have enough energy to get done what I needed to get done.  This made me feel so overwhelmed and ashamed.  

     I know what it feels like getting overwhelmed with all the diets out there.  Should you be vegan, vegetarian, paleo…..should you join Weight Watchers, keto or Jenny Craig?  And don’t get me started on all the confusing labels out there. Fat free? Sugar free? Organic?  All natural? Non GMO? Zero calories? Huh? What does this all mean?! Should I only be eating salads?  BLAH! Who wants to do that?! Am I right?  


     My goal for this program is for you to discover the confident, badass that you are!  For you to realize that you are so important and worthy of feeling your best! To strengthen your brain and nervous system and to feel amazing! To be able to look at fear as a motivator rather than a roadblock.  To be able to embrace being a hot mess (because we ALL are) and imperfectly perfect.  To realize you are not supposed to do everything by yourself and it's okay....actually it's important to ask for help.  That you are not a burden.  


Why a health coach?


  • I am not here to replace a doctor.  I am an additional option.

  • I do not treat or diagnose.  Instead, I give you the right tools for you to be your own healer. 

  • I help you find the right ‘diet’ for you.  We are not one size fits all.  

  • I am your accountability partner.   

  • I can put things in a different perspective for you (I have had my own coaches and this by far my favorite perk.  To be able to say “OMG, I didn’t think about it that way!” is amazing!) 

  • I am your biggest cheerleader!  I will be celebrating with you every step of the way.

  •  I might be able to help you reduce any medication you are on (with the help of a doctor). 

  • I have probably been through the same (or similar) struggles that you are going through, so I will be able to relate.  

  • We are becoming more and more alone.  A long time ago, humans use to live in villages, where they helped each other out.  We need help, but now we are trying to do everything on our own, getting burnt out and frazzled.  I am here to help you! There is nothing weak about getting help actually… makes you strong!  


Come join me!  It will be so much fun and you will have a lot of ah-ha moments!  


So who is ready to change their life and feel amazing!!  

****Payment plans are available!  

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