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Why the Name ‘Balanced Dandelion’?

February 20, 2017

     When I started thinking of names for my blog, I immediately thought of ‘Balanced Dandelion’.


     Libra is both my sun and moon sign, the zodiac sign of scales.  I feel like I am a true Libra.  I’m constantly seeking peace and harmony for my life.  I can’t help but see both sides of a situation.  I guess you can say I’m a devil’s advocate.  My life needs balance, if anything is out of balance, it can be totally frustrating.  I am also learning yoga which there are poses where balance is needed.   And of course everyone should be consuming a balanced diet. 




     Now for the dandelion, I am learning that the dandelion is an underrated weed.  There are so many meanings to the dandelion that I feel like so many of us can relate to.  People think of them as a pest, but they still pop up, with their beautiful yellow flower, almost as if they are wearing a crown.  They can grow just about anywhere, like in the cracks of a sidewalk.  The yellow flower symbolizes the sun, the white puffy flower symbolizes the moon.  The name dandelion comes from the French word “dent de lion” meaning lion’s tooth, because of the leaves.  The seedlings floating represents air, did you know that Libra is an Air sign?  My favorite meaning is, the seedlings when freed from their emotional bond, takes to the wind’s and can finally becomes their true self.  It's like taking a risk, freeing yourself from a cage and having it give you the chance to meet yourself in the process.   I absolutely love this!


     As if all the meanings weren’t enough, the dandelion, as long as it hasn’t been sprayed is edible and really good for you.  They are packed with vitamin and mineral.  The leaves can be put in salads.  They are a little too bitter for my taste, but maybe not for yours.  I love making teas with both the leaves and the root.  I’ll be talking more about this later. 


     So there you have it, this is how I came up with the name Balanced Dandelion




This blog is for entertainment and education purposes only. The content included is my opinion and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.


This article has not been reviewed by the FDA. This information has been provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent disease. Always consult your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor before making any significant changes to your health routine.




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