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How I'm Managing My Anxieties

February 23, 2017

     About 11 years ago, I was living in Colorado.  I remember we had a rough winter.  We lived in an apartment on the 2nd story and the stairs were exposed to weather.  My kids were really young and it was hard to take them out in the snow and cold weather.  So we stayed in a lot.  


     During this time, I started getting light headed and my heart would start to race, out of the blue for now reason.  I swore there was something wrong with my heart.  I couldn’t sleep at night because I thought if I feel asleep, I was going to have a heart attack and die, or something just as bad. 


     I finally went to the doctors and they ran a bunch of tests on me and every test came back saying that I was healthy as could be.  So my doctor diagnosed me with anxieties and offered to prescribe me with anti-anxiety medication.  I declined, because I thought there was no way I had anxieties.  I knew very little about it, but what I had been taught was only weak and crazy people had anxieties.  I was not weak or crazy!  I felt like something was physically wrong with me. 


     Summer came along and I started to feel better.  Then winter came again and I started to get the same symptoms.  I decided that it was time to research anxieties.  The more I research the more I realized that my doctor was right.  Imagine that!  I did have anxieties.  Once I accepted that I had anxieties, it made a huge difference.  I was still getting light headed and a racing heart, but I was able to sleep at night, because I was able to tell myself that I was going to have a heart attack and die, it was just my anxieties.  I hate taking medications, so I learned to just live with it.


     A little over 3 years ago, I went through a very stressful situation.  My body couldn’t handle it.  My anxieties went out of control.  I kept waiting for them to return back to normal and they didn’t.  I was so anxious all the time. I really didn’t want to leave the house, but I wasn’t going to let anxieties defeat me, I still went out anyways.  I would go grocery shopping and everything would be fine one minute and the next my world was spinning.  When I would be in a crowd of people, I would start to panic.  I started to become terrified to drive.  What if I passed out while I was driving?  It was horrible. 


     I was desperate.  I went to the doctors.  She was really nice, but she prescribed me with anti-anxiety medication.  She did run test to make sure that I didn’t have a thyroid issue or diabetes, which I didn’t.  I was desperate, I took one anti-anxiety pill.  It made me feel 10 times worse then I already was.  All I could do was lie on the cough.  I started reading more about the medication and it said that it could make people worse for a few weeks, before they got better.  There was no way I was going to feel that way for a few weeks!  No way, no how!!!


     I came to the conclusion that I was just going to have learn to live this way.  Then I stumbled across one of Food Babes articles.  It talked about what was in the food we ate.  After reading most of her website and researching other websites and articles, I started taking baby steps clean my diet and my environment.  I started doing yoga.  My anxieties were getting much better, but why?


     In my opinion anxieties (and depression) is a certain way that are bodies tell us that there is something not right.  There are so many foods out there right now that have toxic chemicals in them.  Chemicals that are not are not designed for our bodies.  Chemicals that can actually deplete us of certain vitamin and minerals (I’ll talk more about this at a later time).   So not only are we being poisoned but most of us also have vitamins and mineral deficiencies.  


     The 3 major deficiencies that can cause anxieties are, magnesium, the vitamin B group and vitamin D.  However deficiencies in calcium, omega 3, zinc and vitamin C can also cause anxieties. 


     Have you ever heard the saying, a happy gut makes a happy brain/mind?  Probiotics are great for making the gut happy.  It puts healthy bacteria in stomach.  My favorite is drinking kombucha.  However you can also eat fermented food, yogurt and kefir just to name a few. 


     found out that alcohol was the biggest thing causing my anxieties.  If I have just one beer or one glass of wine, I am so anxious the next day.  Caffeine makes me a little anxious.  So I avoid both alcohol and caffeine. 


     There are so many natural things about there that can help with calming.  There are essential oils.  You can diffuse them or make sprays.  There is Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy.  There are calming herbal teas like chamomile or my favorite lemon balm. 


     Sometimes when I’m dealing with my anxieties, it feels like I have too much energy.  So doing something or exercising helps.  Hiking, yoga and meditating always makes me feel better.  Also just doing something that make you feel happy and pampering yourself can do wonders.

I think anxieties can be caused by traumatic experiences, but I also think that if we make if we help out our bodies, it can make a huge difference.     


     I am doing a lot of research on this topic for school this semester, so if I find any new information I will be sure to update this.  




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