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We are All Different

March 1, 2017



     When I first started looking into getting healthy I kept finding articles that would say something along the lines as “You must become vegan!” or “Why you need to become a vegetarian!” or “You need to be Paleo” it was hard not to get excited and try to be one of these, I actually considered myself Paleo ish for awhile.  Then I discovered it just wasn't working for me.  


     We are not one size fits all and neither should diets be.  Just like the way we look, the way we dress, the kind of music we listen to and how we act, is just the same as the foods we should be eating.  We are all different and that is okay, that is what make this world amazing!  We all need and like different foods and that is okay.  We should be eating the foods that work best for our body’s, which is different for everyone. That being said, I do believe that people should be eating organic foods, non GMO foods and lots of vegetables and fruits.


     Here is some of what I'm eating and how I got here food wise.  When I decided to start getting healthy, I came to realize every time I failed before was because I was trying everything at once and I was overwhelmed.  I would end keep going back to where I was.  I then discovered that I’m the sort of person that does better with baby-steps.  So I started taking baby-steps, this way I didn’t feel like everything was taken away from me at once.  The first thing I gave up was soda.  I stopped drinking soda for 6 months and then one day decided to treat myself and have one.  Huge mistake!  I had the worst headache for 3 days and I’m not one to get normal headaches.  I also found that it was too sweet for me.  That was about 2 years ago and I haven't touch soda since.  My next step was I stopped buying name brand foods.  Most name brand foods are heavily processed.  I can’t remember my next steps, but I slowly started to bring more organic food in and kicking GMO foods to the curb (By the way, I have had some people tell me that some GMO’s are okay.  That is probably the case….but I’m wondering which GMO’s are okay?). 


     I hit a certain point that my body started telling me loud and clear what it wanted and what it didn’t want.  Here is what I have found out about my body so far.  My body does not like kale, the problem it causes is….TMI, so I won’t mention what it is.  I eat lots of spinach instead and that works really well.  Wheat makes me feel blah and I’m not much of a bread person, but when I’m in the mood I use non GMO sourdough bread.  I was sad, but my body said absolutely no alcohol at all, I get really anxious and bad vertigo the next day.  Now I drink a lot of herbal teas, kombucha and water.   For awhile I was drinking sparkling water, but I don’t feel the need for that anymore. 


     The two biggest things that taught me that we are all truly different are, everyone keeps telling me how bad dairy is and that I should stop consuming dairy.  I tried to quiet eating dairy twice and my body FREAKED out both times.  I started getting really shaky, really light headed and I just didn’t feel right.  My body seems to be able to process dairy, so I am going to continue to consume dairy.  I just make sure to get grass fed organic dairy.   Back in October, I decided to see what happened if I stopped eating meat for 30 days.  The first few days were a little rough, but then I felt absolutely amazing.  I had a brain fog that went away.  My body odor decreased.  I still have some, but it’s not nearly as bad.  I seemed to have gotten more energy.  I was shocked, I always was nervous about going meatless and now I am nervous to eat meat.  I am now 4 months of eating no meat.  I have to admit sometimes I miss a cheeseburger so bad.  I guess it is time for me to be looking into veggie burgers.  Because everything has to have a label, I am considered to be a lacto-ovo-vegeterian, because I still consume eggs and diary.  I know a couple of people that tried to go vegetarian and their bodies wouldn’t handle it.  See we are all different.


     Another thing that I discovered is there are healthy substitutes for just about everything.  I have the biggest sweet tooth and I especially have a love for chocolate.  So instead of eating candy bars like I use to, I will have a little bit of dark chocolate or I make these chocolate balls with dates and cacao powder (it’s super easy and I’ll share the recipe soon).  I once in awhile will have ice cream, but I try to make sure that it is organic.  If you love chips, there are organic chips, or you can have kale chips or almonds and seeds.  I have noticed after making healthy substitutes I can’t go back to the junk food.  It is either too sweet or too salty or just makes me feel really yucky! 


     If you feel that being vegan, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic is what works best for you, I think that is great and I’m am genuinely happy for you.  However I am going to just listen to my body and eat whatever feels best and that will probably change over the years.  So start listening to your body!  


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