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Why I Love Essential Oils

March 21, 2017


     A couple years ago I had a friend introduce me to essential oils and I love them!  They are a great natural way to substitute so many products, like over the counter medications, cleaning products and some skin care products.  I prefer doTERRA, but there are other great options out there too.  Just make sure you are getting pure essential oils.  (Do not purchase from Amazon or any place like that, because some people will water down the essential oils and they have found out how make the caps look brand new.  So beware!).


     I am often diffusing essential oils.  This is great for people who are really sensitive to air fresheners like I am. I also make spray that can be used as natural perfumes or that can help change moods, like calming or energizing.  I also make green cleaning products with them.  You can even cook with some of them.  With doTERRA’s you have to make sure that it says supplement facts on the label. If it doesn’t then they are not edible.  Also a little bit goes a long way!  Make sure that you are familiar with the essential oil before cooking with them though.


     If you are going to use an oil topically, make sure you don’t have a sensitivity with the oil.  It is also a great idea to dilute the oils with a base oil, like fractionated coconut oil.  


Here is a list of my favorite essential oils and what I use them for:


On Guard – This is a doTERRA blend.  This is an immune booster essential oil and I swear by it!  If I am around people who are sick or if I get sick, I will diffuse this in a diffuser and it really works!  Since using it, I rarely get sick and when I do it is so mild. 


Lavendar – This is a great calming blend and is also really good for the skin.  I will either diffuse it or make a spray to help to calm or for the skin.  I also found out that flies do not like lavender.  I like to keep the door to our backyard open so my dogs can come in and out as they please.  Well last summer we had a fly problem.  I diffused lavender and it didn’t get rid of all of them, but it did the majority. 


Peppermint – Is good for any digestive issue and helps with headaches.  If I feel like I have a stuffy nose, I will add a couple of drops on my shower floor and take a hot shower.  The combination of the peppermint and the steam clear it right up. 


Lemon – I diffuse if I want to have a nice clean scent in the air.  This is a great essential to make cleaning products with because it purifies. 


Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – This is really good for both the skin and for cleaning with.  I make sprays with this for both everyday use and sprays for cuts and scrapes.  Melaleuca is really good with helping with molds. 


Serenity – This is a doTERRA blend.  I love the way this smells!  It is for calming and sometimes will diffuse while I’m sleeping.  It definitely helps with restless nights. 


Balance – This is another doTERRA blend.  This one is hard to explain, but it is one of my favorites!  It does exactly what the name says, it makes you feel balanced.  I diffuse this, but I usually diffuse it with another oil.  Like serenity or a citrus oil. 


Wild Orange – This can be used for cleaning, diffusing and cooking with.  It can help with anxieties. 


Frankincense – This is like the mother of all essential oils!  Frankincense has so many benefits.  It is good for the skin, can help with headaches, it has anticancer properties, is an immune booster.  I use this oil for sprays for the skin and diffuse it for to help with the immune.


There are so many other great oils and I will be sharing at a later time and recipes that I use with them. 

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