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My 2nd Semester

May 5, 2017



     Life got crazy and I haven’t posted in here for a few weeks.  I first went on vacation to see my grandparents, aunt and uncle.  I had such a great time, which I always do when I’m with them.  When I came back I was busy getting caught up on schoolwork, by the time I got caught up it was time to study and take my finals.  Phew!  I completed my 2nd semester and I’m on a two week break.  Yay! 


     I learned so many great things this semester.  Science is my weakest subject and I have and will be taking 3 science based classes at a time.  It’s challenging, but so far I am loving it!  I have been taking Anatomy and Physiology classes.  I have always thought that the human body was amazing and magical.  I thought with learning anatomy and physiology and really understanding the body and how it works, I wouldn’t think it was so amazing and magical anymore.  So far, that is not true.  I now know that our bodies are amazing and I am now convinced that our bodies are magical.  There is so much going on in our body and everything has to work together to create a homeostasis. How does everything know what to do?  Everything does such a fantastic job on what they are supposed to be doing, especially if we treat our bodies well.  It’s just amazing!


     I also learned a lot about the lymphatic system.  I didn’t know much about it before, but I found it to be fascinating.  One of my classmates called it the neediest organ system, depending on how you look at it this can be true, but I love that there so much you can do to help it and make it happy.  Like just moving, dry skin brushing, drinking cleaver tea and eating right.  I plan on making another post going more in depth about this very soon. 


     I learned how to sprout my own seeds and beans. I felt like I was a kid again.  It was really neat seeing how fast they grew.  I also plan on making a post about this soon.  I learned just how much vitamin deficiencies can cause so many problems.  I also learned about so many great herbs.  I learned so many amazing things and I can’t wait to go more into details later.  








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