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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

May 10, 2017



     “Healthy food is so expensive!”  Have you heard this?  Have you thought or said this yourself?  Healthy food can be expensive.  I have felt guilty about spending extra money on healthy food in the past, but I recently stopped feeling guilty for a couple of reasons. 


     The main reason is because the food I am buying and eating is my ‘medicine’.  If I were to be buying medication for my migraines and anxiety, I wouldn’t feel guilty because it is what is needed to help me feel better and to be able to function better.  So why should I feel guilty for spending a little extra money on food that is preventing me from getting migraines, that is helping me manage my anxiety and all around making me feel better?    You shouldn’t either!  My ‘medication’ doesn’t have side effects and taste a lot better!  That being said some medications are needed and I am not encouraging that you should stop taking your medication.  I am encouraging healthy eating and this may prevent needing to take any medications in the future or maybe less.  This is something that you and your primary Dr. would have to talk about.


     There are a lot of foods out there now days that are making people sick.  The amount of sugar and salt in our drinks and food is just way too much!  Also processed foods contain ingredients that our bodies don’t know what to do with.  People are getting heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and other diseases because of the foods they are eating.  So eating healthy for me is a way to prevent getting these diseases and staying out of the hospital. I don’t want that pain or hassle.  You think healthy food is expensive, I would hate to see what some of these hospital bills would cost!  Yikes!   


     My grocery bill has gone up recently, but I have two teenage boys and they eat a lot!  So yeah my grocery bill has gone up!  It has gone up from eating healthier, but just a little!  For me, grass fed, organic, non GMO meat is where it gets really expensive.  This is one of the reasons 7 months ago I decided to go vegetarian (I have nothing against meat, and I’ll post more about this soon). My husband and kids have decided to eat vegetarian at home.  This has helped a lot with the budget.  I think the three most expensive foods/drinks I buy are eggs, milk and kombucha.  I do buy organic, grass fed, pasture-raised eggs, which does cost more, but I try to save somewhere else.  Sometime they go on sale and that is a win!  I buy organic, GMO free milk, but we consume very little, but I don’t mind paying a little extra on that.  I love kombucha, but it can get really expensive.  So I am making my own, which is so much cheaper.  I will soon post the benefits on kombucha, the recipe I use and the process of making it soon.  I watch for sales and try to stock up.  There is also the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen.  When on a tight budget buying conventional foods on the Clean 15 helps save money.   




     Yes, healthy food can be expensive, but medication can be too, along with Dr. and hospital visits.  So I will continue to have food be my ‘medicine’. 


     Do you have any tips for eating healthy on a budget?  I wold love to hear if you do! 



Many hugs, 



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