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My Story and My Goals for Balanced Dandelion

July 4, 2017

     If you haven't been following my Balanced Dandelion Facebook page, I have been trying to get over my fears of talking in front of people, this includes doing videos.  So I decided to make a Balanced Dandelion Youtube channel to help get over these fears.  I redid my first video, because there were things that I didn't say that I wanted to, because I was too nervous.  I already feel like I am a little more comfortable.  


     I am planning some more upcoming videos that include a couple of answers to questions I get ask about often (my answers usually surprise people), some products that I love and maybe some easy recipes.  


       In this video I tell you about me, my story of how I got into Holistic Health and my goals for Balanced Dandelion.  Just to clarify something that may be misunderstood, I use the word 'help' a lot.  I don't mean cure, I mean to help make better or feel better.  I also forgot to add that my biggest goal is to give you the best quality of life and help you feel the best that you possibly can!  







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