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Self-Care Is So Important

February 10, 2018


     When I was a brand new mom, I took my son who was probably about 3 or 4 days old for his first check-up.  The doctor looked over my son and said that he looked as healthy as could be. Those are very important words for a mom to hear.  I expected that to be it, but it wasn’t.  The doctor then looked at me and said now I want to sit down and ask you some questions.  Okay…So I sat down and he asked “Now how are you doing?” I thought this was really strange because we were there for my new baby, not for me.  I replied “I am good but tired.”  He continued to ask me questions about my support system, how much sleep I was getting, how I was eating and how I was taking care of myself.  Even though I found all these questions strange, because again we were there for my baby and not me, I answered them.  He then told me something that caught me off guard!  He said “Your number one priority is to take care of yourself.”  The thoughts that went through my head were, is this guy crazy!  I have a brand new baby….forget me I need to take care of my son!  Taking care of my baby is my number one priority.  I think he was able to read my mind, probably because most brand new moms probably thought the same way I did.  He then continued “If you are not taking care of yourself, it is easier for you to get sick and then who is going to take care of your baby?  If you are not taking care of yourself, it can put you in a grumpy mood and you may snap at your baby.  What kind of mom would that make you?  If don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t properly take care of your baby. Taking care of yourself is important.”  Over 16 years later I still remember those words and it had such a huge impact.  Because of his words, I wasn’t afraid to take care of myself.  He ended up being our favorite doctor, always taking the time to talk with us.


     In today society we have so many people roaming around who are frazzled, so stressed out, filled with anxiety and get sick easily.  Why is this?  They are not taking care of themselves.  Why aren’t people taking care of themselves?  Here is what I have heard so far:



  • It is selfish.  Um…it isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.  There is a quote that I love that says “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself.”  How can you give if you don’t have anything to give?  How can you take care of other people or take care of what needs to get done if you are a frazzled stress ball?


  • I don’t have enough time.  Yes you do!  You need to make this a priority.  Even 10 minutes of self-care goes a long way!  Self-care is so important.  Again, how are you going to give if you have nothing to give?


  • My significant other won’t let me.  I have gotten this one several times and it has dumbfounded me each time.  You mean to tell me that the person that is supposed to love you….won’t let you take care of yourself?  You are an adult, you should do it even if your significant other doesn’t want you too.  Tell them you will be in a much better mood and will be able to focus better on what needs to get done.


  • I can’t afford to.  Self-care isn’t all manis and pedis, there are many ways to self-care that doesn’t cost a dime!


Ideas for Self-Care


     When most people think about self-care, they automatically think about pampering themselves, which a great way to take care of yourself, but that isn’t the only way.  That is just a small part of self-care.  Self-care includes doing things that make you feel good mind, body and spirit.  It can include eating right, or if you are already eating really good, indulging a little, exercises so you feel good, getting enough sleep, getting something that will make your life easier like a planner or a purse/wallet that holds everything just right or doing something that you love to do like painting or hiking. 


Here are some more ideas:


  • Unplug from social media

  • Meditate

  • Take a cooking class

  • Host a party

  • Make a vision board

  • Have a cup of tea

  • Put on some upbeat music and shake that bootie

  • Go for a walk

  • Get a hug

  • Read a book

  • Journal

  • Learn something you always wanted to learn, like playing the guitar, photography or a new language.

  • Take a bath

  • Buy yourself some flowers

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Talk and think good about yourself

  • Hang out with people who make your heart happy

  • Wear your favorite outfit

  • Play (find that inner child)

  • Paint your nails

  • Go for a drive

  • Get a massage


Basically self-care is all about doing what make you happy and feel good.  So whatever that is, do it!


Take care of yourself, 



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