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Guess what!

March 23, 2018





     I am so excited to announce that I started a podcast!  


     I am starting this podcast off, by sharing my anxiety story and why I choose to start a podcast.  I use to have severe anxiety, I got to the the point that if my anxiety got any worse, I wouldn't have been able to leave the house.  I share a little about what I did that helped me become more confident, empowered and at peace than I have ever bee in my entire life.  


     I plan on sharing some of these tips and tricks in future episodes in more details.  One of my biggest goals is to overcome fears, this podcast is a little fear of mine.   I am a little nervous recording them.  I do say 'Um' many times throughout the episode, but I hope with practice and overcoming my fears that will happen less and less.  


I am so excited about this podcast! 



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