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Sharon Hughes | The Girl In The Garage

April 17, 2018


     Episode 11 is a very special episode.  I had my very first guest.  This was the first time I have ever interviewed anyone and I had a blast.  Such an amazing learning experience! 


     My guest for this episode is Sharon Hughes.  I met her at an event in January in San Diego where she told her powerful story.  Sharon shares her story of when she was 16 years old she went to a Halloween party, where she was drugged and assaulted.  We keep this story PG, so no details. 


     Sharon is busy working on a book that is titled The Girl In The Garage.  I cannot wait to read her book!

She also has 3 Steps to a Breakthrough and she has an event this Friday (April 20th).  She was so generous to give all Holistically Healing Anxiety Podcast listeners $10 off her event.  All details for the 3 steps and the event you can find here.


     Thank you so much Sharon for being my first guest!





Thank you for listening! 








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