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My Migraine Story and how Migraines Affect my Anxieties

April 24, 2018


     In this episode I tell my migraine story…..but wait isn’t this an anxiety podcast?  Why are we talking about migraines now? 


     For several reasons.  When it comes to health, migraines and anxieties have been my biggest struggles.  My migraines and anxieties have intertwined with each other many of times and fed off of one another creating a vicious cycle! My migraines are another major trigger for my anxieties. 


     I know that there are other illnesses and disorders that can trigger anxieties as well. Do you have an illness or disorder that triggers your anxiety?   


     So in this episode, I tell my migraine story, all about my last migraine, how it affects my anxiety and a very brief description on how I came so close to being 3 years migraine free.


     I did mention in this episode that there are a couple of misconceptions when it comes to migraines and I didn’t really point out what they are.  I think the biggest misconception of what a migraines is, is it’s just a really bad headache.  That is so not true! It is so much more than that.   Most of my migraines I get, I usually don’t feel a headache.    





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