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Episode 31: Empath and Reiki Healing with Carly Mahon

July 13, 2018


     It was such a pleasure to be able to interview this beautiful Reiki healer.  She shares her anxiety story, what an empath is and how she manages her anxiety.  She has amazing energy and I really enjoyed chatting with her. 


Here is some more info about Carly:


     Carly Mahon is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Mental Health Advocate who helps women release the shame and stigma of chronic anxiety and regain control over their bodies. Using a combination of reiki healing, intuitive guidance and tangible mindfulness tools, she helps her client feel their way to emotional freedom. As a former social worker and ex "anxiety-aholoic," Carly truly meets her clients where they are to partner up for a nurturing, peaceful and unique healing experience. 


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