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Episode 52: Anxiety With Running a Business and an Exciting Announcement with Keri Brecht

September 26, 2018


     I am so excited!  I have my friend Keri joining me in this episode.  We talk all about our fears while starting and running our businesses and how we manage those fears.  We talk about talking in front of a group of people, being judged, comparisonitis, perfectionism, “who are we to do be doing what we are doing”  and so much more.


     We then talk about our new and very exciting project.  We are creating a master mind called The Business Dreamers Mastermind.  Our target people are new coaches and new entrepreneurs in health and wellness.  Listen to this episode for more details!   

I can’t wait!  I just hired Keri as my business coach and she has already given me some amazing advice that I can’t wait to use. 


Here is the link to apply to our mastermind:


You can contact Keri here:


Instagram: @faceyourdreamswithkeri


You can contact me here:


Free Facebook Group:

Instagram: @holistically_healing_anxiety




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