Jennifer K.

I have to admit that I knew of Stacie through a Facebook group many years before she started her holistic journey. I have had the opportunity to see her make major changes in her life and become the shining star she is today. When I was ready to ask for help, I didn’t hesitate to contact Stacie. I needed help with my depression and anxiety. We would meet online via Zoom, so it was face-to-face, we talked and discussed goals for the week. Sometimes I completed the goals and other times I did not. She never made me feel like I had failed, even though I felt like I did. We would discuss, reassess, then develop new goals during the next meeting. (Even a few times we made changes via text before the next meeting) Sometimes the goal I didn’t complete was just gone for good. She really found what worked for me. During the process we slowly worked on me quitting smoking. 25-years a smoker but Stacie really helped me change my mindset. I really felt that she was going through what I was, and that made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. It wasn’t easy but it was the easiest quit I’ve ever had and it’s the longest I’ve ever gone without a cigarette or nicotine. I truly don’t ever want to smoke again. We worked on a lot of mind set changes that aided in helping with my depression and I no longer seem to have low dips in my mental health. I could go on but give her a try. She’s non-judgmental. She can be very practical or go very alternative medicine (woo-woo as she’d say). I’m more practical but was open to hearing more woo-woo. Thank you Stacie for being you! You have a knack that I will be forever grateful for.


When I started this journey, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to be healthier and happier and lose a few pounds. I learned so much about how to eat properly and what my body needs to thrive. During this time, I tried a lot of new herbal teas, watched interesting documentaries, and I was more aware of what I was putting in my body and how I was taking care of myself. I am feeling better today than I ever remember feeling and I know it's because of all the goals we set and achieved along the way. Thank you for everything!


I am so grateful to have found Holistically Healing Anxiety! Stacie has been there for me offering support, knowledge and encouragement to help me change my life! She breaks the process down into small manageable steps which helped me to not feel overwhelmed. Thank you Stacie!!!

XOXO Elise

Thank you so much Stacie you are a wealth of health wisdom! I learned some healthy changes to make in my life and I am sure I will learn more from you. You are awesome and I am sure there will be a lot of people that will benefit from your knowledge in the future. Good luck in your last year of school. <3


Stacie was my health coach for 8 weeks and she did exactly what she said she would do - help me set reachable health goals and follow up with me every week to see if my goals needed  changing or increasing.  She answered any questions I had and she gave me tips for reducing food cravings which were helpful.  Stacie has knowledge of herbal remedies which I also liked learning about.  I recommend Stacie as a health coach!


Stacie is very knowleable, kind and helpful! I will be using her services again in the new year! If you have health goals you want to achieve, call Stacie! 

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